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The Experience

Our benchmark Rite of Passage is a full programme held by our experienced guides. It is a ceremony, defined as ‘the marking of something that it is important we do not forget’.


Kingly Stag endeavor to curate an experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life; a time held dearly by all the men in attendance.

This will bond these men into connections they may never have felt before, with stories to be quietly shared around fires long into the future. This  will be an opportunity to be challenged and to find your edges. All the activities are designed to empower the men into a way of being in the world. 

We will ask:

What does he want from his partner? What does he bring?

What does he bring to his community?

What must die for this man? What might be reborn? 

What does he fear most in this relationship? 

What does he cherish most of his loved ones?

How can he remain in integrity? 

Kingly Stag is based in Snowdonia, Wales and can host at our base camp here or at connected centres throughout the UK. We also offer facilitation at your own accommodations by special request, see below for more on this…

Beauty in Nature

We Come To You

Our guides can be also booked to facilitate experiences as 'travelling magicians.' There are a variety of options for this, including Stag Blessings, Father Blessings & Wedding Ceremonies, so please get in touch to find out more. These are powerful experiences of ceremony and should not be considered a ‘bolt-on’ to toxic stag do’s. We will support the men through processes that take them deep into the archetypes, exploring parts of ourselves and our shadows  in support of our relationships, past, present and future. 

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