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Please read through these questions before sending a booking enquiry

Where are the events based?

We travel to your location to facilitate the Kingly Stag experience! 

Is there a minimum/maximum number of attendees?

We can facilitate any number of men for our experience. Our quotes require a minimum charge of 10 men.

Can I attend as an individual?

No. These are private events booked by a group of men who all know each other. We are exploring an annual open event for individual men exploring marriage, fatherhood or divorce. If you wish to be informed of this retreat, please sign up to our mailing list below.

What is the investment?

Our experience is offered at only £49 per person (minimum charge for 10 men but any group size is welcome). A travel cost is then added to this on a quote by quote basis.

What is included?

The Kingly Stag experience is a full facilitated 5-hour rite of passage. It includes two experienced facilitators holding the Stag party through a series of carefully planned processes. We come to your destination so there is no need to worry about travel.

What will we do?

Since time immemorial Rites of Passage have been kept secret. Part of the power of the experience is in the not-knowing, and the shared knowing between the men after the event. Needless to say, this experience is carefully curated to be fun, meaningful and empowering. All the processes will be invitations, there will be none of the shaming or toxicity so prevelant in typical Stag Do’s. 

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