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We host ground breaking rites of passage for men about to enter into marriage.


This is a profound opportunity for deep work, intimate connection and nature-based fun designed to initiate a man into marriage armed to be the best man he can, with his beloved brothers by his side.

Exit the old paradigm of the toxic male and initiate a journey into the healthy, modern masculine.


What is a Kingly Stag Do?

Our fully facilitated, all inclusive events are based in a stunning location and infused with adventure, ancestral food, fire, music and ‘process work’. This work aligns to the four archetypes of Lover, Warrior, Magician and King, unlocking access to the whole of our selves, revealing shadows and liberating the gold we have inside.


The groom will be held and supported into a deep understanding of himself; what he is bringing into marriage and what he wishes to leave in the ashes the hearth. His brothers will witness, support & encourage this man through this lost rite of passage so he can more easily integrate his new masculine energy into his new home-life, accountable to his community of men.

Why a Kingly Stag Do?

Modern Stag Do’s have become a toxic rite of passage, organised by our shadows and designed to shame and escape.

Our offering is different. It is an opportunity to shift the paradigm of the man in our society so he can stand tall in his community, witnessed in his whole self and supported to be the best man he can be in his marriage.

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